What you need to know about California’s ‘sanctuary state’ bill and how it would work

by admin | on May 11

California state Senate leader Kevin de León introduced Senate Bill 54 on what was an unusually acrimonious first day of

Domino’s driver’s pizzas stolen; bloodhound catches teens chowing on the evidence, police say

by admin | on May 11

Call it the case of the purloined pizzas.A Domino’s Pizza delivery man was robbed just after midnight Wednesday in a

Snap shares dive, but CEO Evan Spiegel isn’t worrying about slowing user growth

by admin | on May 11

Ahead of its first-ever earnings report, Snap Inc. cautioned investors to expect uneven user growth and a big loss, largely

Body found under Bay Area home identified as girl who died in 1876

by admin | on May 10

The body of a 19th-century girl found last year inside a small metal casket under a San Francisco home has

Snapchat has changed through acquisitions, and it’s hunting for more people and tech to buy

by admin | on May 10

Acquisitions propelled Snapchat’s evolution from a revenueless, one-trick messaging app to a $28-billion company redefining how people take and share

Firefighter injured, three pets killed in Malibu apartment fire

by admin | on May 10

A firefighter suffered a minor ear burn in a Malibu apartment fire that killed two cats and a dog Tuesday

‘King Arthur’ and Amy Schumer likely no match for ‘Guardians’ at the box office

by admin | on May 9

“King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” will try to pull an Excalibur-like miracle from a box office stone this weekend.

Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom shared his tax returns. Here’s what we learned

by admin | on May 9

In his first five years as California’s lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom made more than $4 million from his wineries, restaurants,

To live a long life in America, it helps to be born in the right county

by admin | on May 9

A child born in the United States in 2014 can expect to live 79.1 years, on average.But that figure doesn’t

Driver is shot in the leg during argument with another motorist

by admin | on May 9

A man who was shot in the leg early Monday morning in the Vermont-Slauson neighborhood of South Los Angeles drove

In L.A., teens balance high school with planning in case their parents are deported

by admin | on May 8

It was hard not to eavesdrop in the tiny Pico-Union studio where Maria Garcia grew up.She was around 9 when

Trump says we need a government shutdown. Here’s what’s happened in the past

by admin | on May 7

It’s a political gambit that President Trump seems to think will pay off: Let the federal government grind to a

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