Trump again denounces ‘slimeball’ Comey, lauds Syria strikes

Former FBI director James Comey and President Trump

Former FBI director James Comey and President Trump (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty)

President Trump launched a new Twitter fusillade at ex-FBI chief James Comey on Sunday morning, again calling the former top federal law enforcement official a “slimeball” and ridiculing his actions surrounding the federal investigation of Trump’s defeated presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Comey’s new book, replete with highly unflattering characterizations of Trump, is garnering wide attention in advance of its release. The president’s tweets — which also targeted Loretta Lynch, the attorney general under Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama — came hours before a lengthy interview with the ex-FBI head was to air on ABC Sunday night.

In his book, Comey acknowledged that he might have been influenced by the assumption that Clinton would win the 2016 election when he spoke publicly about the investigation shortly before the vote, writing that he feared her presidency would be tainted if he did not fully air allegations against her.

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